research witch vacation album cover

research witch vacation

Our witch grows tired of working from home and decides to go on a vacation. Along the way there will be wistful longing, old and new friendships, witchy moods, a robot, purring cauldrons and creature hiding in the forest.

Twelve weird and chill tracks and my first album ever! Cover art fantastically drawn by Hanna Löhman.

  1. i can wait for the galaxy outside to get a little kinder
  2. witchy messes and purring cauldrons
  3. research witch vacation
  4. time is always in the last place you look
  5. going over the blueprints
  6. oknytt on the fairy badger express
  7. tea with the kettlekin
  8. howling friends that also cook
  9. query by berri 2.0 in the hour of the wolf
  10. besom above the treetops
  11. my strawberry picking robot became sentient and i’m fine with that
  12. noctivagant witch lament

Special thanks to:

Handpan fairy Maja Lund.

Mastering feedback summoner Oscar Utterbäck.

Norrland forest catcher Denise Linnéa Olander.

Automaton naming expert Hannah Rutqvist.

Apostle of deadlines and support Johanna Palén.