Tomb Svalborg

Is a…

Storyteller from Sweden that rarely finish writing the comic book script, short story or novel they are currently working on. When writing and reading Tomb prefers talking dinosaurs, people drinking tea in space as jellyfishes float by, portals to other realities and moments when you can hear a forest whisper.

Music creator / narrator / fabulist / raconteur/ spinner or any other synonym that can be used instead of calling themselves a musician*. Since they mostly create music that they hope their friends will enjoy. Their released music tends to tell a story. But with sounds instead of words. So what this paragraph is basically saying is that Tomb is still just a storyteller. One that finds it really weird to write about themselves in third person.

*nothing wrong with being a musician,
but Tomb don’t want to assume they
know what they are doing by
using the word.
Yay anxiety!